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-The Radiant Lights of Sindria- by thuthukachoo -The Radiant Lights of Sindria- by thuthukachoo

Sinbad's radiance unites people by giving them courage and strength, inspiring those around him to live a better life. Shia's radiance gives reassurance and comfort to those who want to move forward into the unknown future. When the two are together, they create a light that both guides and supports those who dwell within it. Sinbad and Shia complement one another, all the while challenging each other to work towards a better tomorrow. Although, when you're on the outside looking in, you can certainly tell that Sinbad’s light shines brighter than anyone else's in this world. So when it comes to trying to take down their empire--doesn't it make more sense to get rid the dimmer light of the two?

FWAHHHHHHH. I WAS SUPPOSED TO FINISH THIS LIKE, LAST MONTH OMGGG...I wanted to test a new hair shading/highlighting style, and I never thought that I'd struggle so much when it comes to drawing jewelry (curse having to make sure everything is symmetrical...) AND I THOUGHT SHIA WAS COMPLICATED TO DRAW--NOPEEEEE! Sinbad was on a whole other level and I was about to murder someone by the end of this LOL Anywhozzies, here's another Q&A session to help give those of you (who want to know hahah) a little bit more about Sinbad's relationship with my OC, Shia! C: <3 <3 <3 Like I said in some of my previous posts, Shia was literally made to be the other half of Sinbad, and I really hope it’s not the typical “generic” love story that you’re expecting to hear! I actually have my own original story in the works (completely unrelated haha), and I am TOTALLY going to steal this made up relationship and put a similar one in that story! hahah 


Q: Sinbad and Shia are childhood friends who practically grew up together; when did Sinbad and Shia take the next step from that?

    A: I wish I could be more specific regarding this, but just know that their relationship changed after the First Sindria war (which hasn’t even happened yet if you’re caught up with the AoS manga LOLOL). Yup—that means that so far in the AoS series, Shia has only seen Sinbad as her childhood friend, and this basically means that the AoS series follows the natural flow and (potential) relationship between of Sinbad and Princess Serendine, as Shia just remains as one of his pillars of support. Sinbad never “flirts” with Shia as he usually does with other women, but that's mainly because he and Shia treat each other more like family (Shia does tease Sin every once in a while for not viewing her as a woman, but it's always out of good fun). Shia never felt any jealousy towards Serendine—on the contrary, even though Serendine disapproves and despises Shia’s “dirty” way of life (*ahem* because of Shia’s lewd personality and upbringing LOL), Shia greatly respects Serendine and believes that her and Sinbad’s potential relationship will help Sin achieve his dream to change the world (this is where Shia’s belief that Sinbad should marry a princess to further his ambition originates from). If you read Magi and are caught up, this relationship is (kinda) similar to that of Solomon with Arba and Sheba—although Arba has known Solomon the longest and has a very close relationship with him, she tells Sheba that she will support him in times that he needs to be brutal and ferocious. Meanwhile, Sheba should support him when he is on the verge of breaking down [aka becoming his emotional support as his wife/ lover]. Shia, in this case, is like Arba where she constantly tells Sin that if he steps out of line or forgets his dreams, Shia would beat the living shit out of him, making sure that he continues to follow his ambition. LOL It isn’t until after the First Sindria war where Serendine (most likely) loses her life (because she was the original king’s vessel to Zepar, whom of which is now one of Sinbad’s 7 djinns in the main Magi series) that Shia finds that she now has to play both the roles of a physical and emotional support, accepting this new task in order to help Sin maintain his sanity and his ambitious desires to achieve their dream. Of course, Sinbad also returns his desires to support her after everything she’s done for him, and they eventually end up becoming each other’s second loves.


    A: I MEAN WHY NOT LOL If you watched the anime (because the manga is actually different, but I decided to follow how the anime portrayed this moment), they marry during the Sindria Arc after Ithnan, who had cursed Alibaba with Black Rukh and hatred, succeeds in cursing Sinbad as well, making him incapable of using his Magoi. They are both told that they will fall because the curse will eat away at their flesh and change them into puppets to serve the Organization. Sinbad tells Alibaba, Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu of a dungeon just recently discovered with the power to remove this curse. He explains to them that he nor any of his household members can enter the dungeon, and it is up to them to obtain the power of the Djinn, Zagan, that resides in the dungeon. Sinbad begins acting overdramatic, expressing that now that a curse was on him, he should make do with what little time he may or may not have left. In this moment, he proposes to Shia, expressing how he would regret it if he never had a family to carry on his legacy. Everyone, including Shia, is caught off-guard because they knew how both Sinbad and Shia never showed any interest in marriage, although Shia did want to start a family of her own after Sin’s dreams and visions were achieved. Shia glares at him, very aware that Sin is just acting dramatic because she (and his generals) knows that Sinbad knew how to manipulate Black Rukh and is actually not in any type of danger, but he hints to her that it will give the young ones (aka Alibaba and the others) more confidence and motivation to defeat the dungeon as soon as they can. Shia can somewhat see the logic he was going for, but is offended that he would stoop so low as to joke about something like that—and to her, of all people! He tells her that he wasn’t joking, but Shia brushes him off and tells Sinbad to ask her again after Alibaba and the others get back, and then maybe she’ll consider it, to which he replies that Shia is as cold and heartless as ever.

After Alibaba and the others make it back from the dungeon, and after the battle between Sindria and Al-Thamen (again, following the anime, not the manga), Sindria decides to celebrate the victories they accomplished in the war. Sin visits Shia in her isolated tower within the palace during the festival/ celebration. Prior to Sinbad entering, Shia has been haunted by blurry visions and nightmares ever since she was targeted by Al-Thamen back in Balbadd. She jolts up from her sleep and accidentally head bumps Sin, causing both of them to have an immense headache and them blaming each other for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They later begin reminiscing about how they were acting just like when they were younger, although the times have definitely changed them since then. Their laughter dies down, and Sin sits beside her in the room bathed in a dim moonlight, tranquil silence and darkness, confiding in Shia’s company. He asks if Shia is disappointed in him and his sly methods of achieving his dreams as a king, and Shia bluntly answers “yes”, although she is relieved that he is still able to tell the difference. Shia explains that it's not just his dream anymore but a dream formed by them and the Eight generals over time. She lectures him, stating that if he would place more trust in her and the fellow Eight generals, then he wouldn’t have to resort to such methods and become a man he never wanted to become. She offers to hold some of the burden with him, and that while he is with her, he is not the “king”. He is not the “singularity”. He is not the “dungeon capturer”. That to her, he has always been just “Sinbad”, and tells him that he can always find sanctuary in her away from his own radiance and vision that has begun to blind even himself. Sin feels at ease, and in the moment, offers Shia’s golden ring back (she tossed it at his face in outrage when he used marriage as an excuse to motivate Alibaba and the others LOL), posing the question a second time—“Will you stay by my side…not just until our dream is achieved, but…forever? Until the end of our time?” (<-- so corny I know LOL) After arguing with Sinbad back and forth about how it wasn’t necessary for them to be married and why there was a sudden change in heart in his opinions, Sinbad ended the note by expressing how he needed Shia beside him. Whenever he is with her, he feels more at ease, he feels stronger and he stops hearing remorseful voices from the past in his head. Shia again sees how this vulnerable man, this “human” man is very hesitant and afraid of what he could become through the warped ideals of his vision, and notices how Sin is entrusting her to set him straight should he go astray. Shia accepts, knowing that this is a crucial time when her dear friend needs her beside him the most, and knowing that the world was on its first steps of coming together. 

Sinbad and Shia suddenly find themselves married, although nothing is different because they were always seen as a couple anyways (so technically they could've been considered unofficially “married” for like, 3 years or something LOL). However, unbeknownst to Shia (although she had her own suspicions), there was another motive behind Sin’s actions—Over time, Sinbad has seen how distant Shia has been, and although Shia constantly tells him that she would never betray him, he feels like Shia has other hidden intentions. By making Shia queen, she now has the responsibility to stay and watch over Sindria more (as opposed to her having the freedom of traveling for diplomatic reasons). Not only does he want to keep a watchful eye over her, but after seeing how Shia is now targeted by Al-Thamen, he wants to keep her by his side so she can be “safe” from harm. This marriage lasts for around a year and a half, as Shia dies prior to the Alma Torran Arc (which takes place after the anime ends), and along with her death, is the inevitable death of what's left of the vulnerable “human” man, Sinbad. 

Q: Do Sinbad and Shia ever have a child? EEEEEEEEEEP!!! [kinda contains spoilers as to what happens after the 2 seasons of Magi in the anime, so be warned...]

    A: Yes however... Shia gives birth to her child prior to her death. She becomes pregnant late in the Magnostadt Arc and by the end of the arc, she’s 4 months pregnant (so she doesn’t really look like she is pregnant, and joins the fight against Al-Thamen and their “Father”). A few months pass by before the Summit between Sindria and the Kou Empire was to take place, and Al-Thamen once again decides to attack Sindria while Sinbad is away solidifying their alliance with the Kina Kingdom. Al-Thamen pulls off another invasion, this time aiming to kill Shia as Judar had threatened/warned her a year and a half ago.  Despite knowing that the birth took a toll on her strength and stamina, Shia immediately goes straight into a battle with a powerful enemy from Al-Thamen, intending to live up to her name as “Sindria’s Unbreakable Shield”. She enters the battle with the determination to protect the country, to protect the people she cherishes and to protect the dream that Sinbad and she fought so hard to achieve. I don’t want to reveal all the details leading to Shia’s death since I want to cover more about her history and background story first, but know that in the end, yes, Sin and Shia do have a child, but both him and Shia (who is brought back to “life” in the form of the White Rukh through Solomon’s wisdom) agree that Sinbad cannot be distracted by the child (there’s another reason as well, but I won’t reveal it yet haha), and that the child will go to the care of Shia’s former master and mentor, Lady Raine (another OC that I have to design LOLOL). So unfortunately, the only moment they experience being a family is for a few minutes where he and (the Rukh of) Shia hold their baby for the first and last time. 


OMG WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII?!!! tears  Ahhhhhh, well that was kind of a depressing note to end on…so uhhh…let me add 1 more Q&A to change the mood LOLOL


Q: What does Shia think of Sinbad now with the latest chapters of Magi in the Final Arc? (SPOILERS, but not really? haha)

    A: Shia is pissed AF and wants to beat some sense into him. THE END. ROFL (AHHHHHHHHHH, I HAVE SO MUCH FRUSTRATION RIGHT NOW AND SHIA JUST PERSONIFIES IT FOR ME.)  


Thanks for letting me share my crazy stories! Froggy Emoji-59 (Being kawaii) [V3] //I’m such trash…TTwTT

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